Pet Sitting

While you are on vacation or on a business trip, you can rest assured that your pets are in loving and professional hands. In-your-home care eliminates both the risk of them contracting illness from other pets and the stress to both of you of transporting your cats or dogs to another location. We play and socialize with your pets, giving them focused care to help them adjust better to your absence.

Cat Sitting

Cats like to keep to their habits and don't usually embrace change! Familiar home surroundings are better and less stressful for them than strange ones, even though you are not there. That is where we come in. Avid cat-lovers who are very familiar with their likes and dislikes, we can provide them with their normal routine, along with care and attention, so that they thrive in your absence. Let our cat-loving sitters visit your cats once or twice a day, not only feeding them, refreshing their water and cleaning their litter, but also playing with them in whatever way they like! You can show us their favourite toys, and if they like to be brushed or maybe just spend some time together. Your pet will get consistent and personalized care.

Dog Sitting

Dogs like a home environment over a kennel, whether that be your home or ours. If in your home, when you are away your dog will be cared for by someone who will know their habits and preferences and give them the dedicated attention that they are used to. Our experienced dog-care-givers will treat your dog like their own. They will feed your dog, refresh water and give the affection and amount of exercise that you would like. Your dog can keep to his normal routine and await your return without the stress of kenneling. We can visit your home 3 or more times a day, or we can stay overnight if needed. Your dog will be at the door to greet you when you come home! This solution also works if you have cats and dogs. Please let us know what you need! (See Dog Boarding for care in one of our homes.)


Puppies require more frequent care than do mature dogs. They benefit from attention and socialization, but also need clean-ups and feeding. We have a LOT of experience with puppies! We have been care-givers/walkers for many puppies who are now grown dogs and still our beloved clients! Pricing is the same as dog walks, and is based on the time spent with them. Let us make a suitable arrangement for you!

Pet Taxi

If you would like us to pick up or drop off your pet, or take them to the groomer or vet, the charge is $16 per half hour.

While we are visiting your pets, we can also provide increased home security by taking in your mail and adjusting the drapes and lights. There is no charge for this crime deterrent! In the event of an emergency, we will contact you immediately so that you don't come home to find a problem.


Including lots of affection, "Security" benefits (lights, drapes, mail, etc.), and a Daily Log to record your pet's behaviour and events.

-- 50% of the total fee is due when booking, with the balance due prior to departure.

CatsPer 30 minute visit$16 for one cat$3 per additional cat
Before 8:00 am or After 5:00 pmAdd $5
WeekendsAdd $5
HolidaysAdd $10
Longer visits also availableCustom Pricing
DogsOvernight Stay, with or without mid-day WalkCustom Pricing
Day CareCustom Pricing
PuppiesPuppy care is priced the same as dog walks$16 to $18per 30 minutes
Each extra puppy$3
Custom - Please contact us if you have a special request!

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See what our existing clients have to say!

Sue was great. She emailed me while I was away and left amazing detailed notes. I actually might take the notes with me to the vet as I think Harley is peeing more than normal. And with Sue's notes I have dates, times, and litter box quantities! Thank you for the outstanding service! I left my key with sue so that I can use your services again in the future!
--Shay S.

Thank you so much Linda for the security and knowledge that our baby is looked after. Patricia was fabulous; sent us e-mails and movie clips which also greatly put our minds at ease. Your services are greatly valued.
--Carolyn D.

Sue was wonderful. The dogs were so happy to have her visit them -- they were relaxed when we came home so we know they received a lot of welcome attention from her. Your service is the best!!
--Dr. Sue Kelly

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